Conservation Drone Services - Aerial Applications using drones South Carolina


Seedling Survival Studies

CDS is equipped to monitor crop health with our multispectral drone. CDS is able to conduct stem counts on germinated seeds once there is a stem growing out of the soil.

Through the use of the drone’s aerial view, CDS can conduct tree counts, color coded tree counts and observe the trees’ health.

Aerial Applications by Drone

CDS specializes in commercial aerial  applications by drone of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. Aerial application by drone of these chemicals has major benefits versus applying them by ground.

Our drone has a 100 pound spreader that can dispense granular particles. Forestry, ponds, duck impoundments, golf courses and agricultural fields are just a few of the many examples CDS can spray or spread for.

Photography by Drone

Interested in viewing your property from the air? CDS can help you scout the perfect location to build your next project.

CDS can take aerial pictures of job sites, construction sites, properties for real estate agents, and pictures of roofs or houses for inspections.

Aerial Applications by Drone Conservation Drone Services

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